Friends of the Suffering Souls exists to help our suffering brothers and sisters in Purgatory by arranging Masses to be offered up for their sake.

There is only one obligation for FOSS members – arranging and confirming your yearly Mass in the perpetual novena.

When you enrol you will be asked for your birthday and this will become your allotted day of the year to arrange a Mass for the holy souls. When you enrol yourself, you are also referred to as a ‘primary member’.

Shortly before your allotted Mass date, we will send you a reminder to have the Mass arranged. You can arrange the Mass with your own priest, or, request FOSS to arrange the Mass for you, this Mass will be offered by a poor priest around the world. The Mass is offered for the Holy Souls in Purgatory with a special commemoration for the deceased members of FOSS.

To enrol yourself as member of FOSS, complete and submit the adjacent form.

I wish to enrol myself as a member of FOSS.