Someone Else

A primary member of FOSS (someone who has already enrolled themselves) can choose to enrol others – living or deceased – as ‘third-party members’. If you have family, friends, colleagues or someone whose eternal salvation you particularly wish to pray for, you can enrol them as a third-party member. Many third-party members do not even know they have been enrolled, it will only be in eternity that they and you will know how the graces of their FOSS membership impacted their salvation.

When enrolling third-party members, you commit to arrange one annual Mass on behalf of each of them and this commitment should not be taken lightly. Shortly before the allotted date of your third-party member, we will send you a reminder to have the Mass arranged. You can arrange the Mass with your own priest, or, request FOSS to arrange the Mass for you, this Mass will be offered by a poor priest around the world. The Mass is offered for the Holy Souls in Purgatory with a special commemoration for the deceased members of FOSS.

FOSS does not communicate with your third-party members or require their contact details; all communication goes through the primary member. If you are encouraging someone to enrol themselves in FOSS, they should enrol themselves as a primary member and thus be responsible for their own membership. In the example of a family, it would usually be the case that the father or mother enrols themselves as the primary member and then their spouse and children as the third-party members.

The person you enrol as a third-Party member (living or deceased) will receive the merit of having arranged their annual Mass and the immense gratitude of the holy souls, plus the graces from all the Masses offered by the members of the FOSS association. Remember, God is outside time, and the graces which abound in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are inestimable and unbound by our limited earthly reality.

To enrol and sustain the membership of third-party members is a great act of charity. In this way you are looking after not only the Holy Souls, but the person that you love and on whose account you are willing to make this effort. Such a person, saved through your spiritual work of mercy, will be eternally grateful to you.

To enrol someone as a third-party member of FOSS, complete and submit the adjacent form.

I am an enrolled member of FOSS and I wish to enrol someone else as a third-party member of FOSS. I undertake to arrange one Mass each year for the FOSS novena on account of this membership.