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How to Arrange your Mass

You can arrange your FOSS Mass/es on this page. The Masses will be arranged via Aid to the Church in Need Australia which will send 100% of the stipend to the poor priest who will offer the Mass/es for the holy souls in purgatory with a special commemoration for the deceased members of FOSS. The requested stipend for each Mass is $13 AUD, but you can choose your preferred currency from the tabs at the right which will adjust the stipend amount into that currency accordingly.

All Masses arranged here will be automatically confirmed in the FOSS Register. You do not need to separately confirm your FOSS Mass/es via post or electronically. Follow the steps below to arrange your Masses.

1. Choose your preferred currency
If the default currency shown is not your preference, choose from the available options on the right. The stipend amount will change according to the currency chosen.

2. Choose number of Masses
Enter the number of Masses you would like to arrange, and that many slots will be available for you to provide details of each Mass.

3. Enter details of each Mass
Enter the details of the members on whose behalf you are arranging Masses.
If you decide to increase the number of masses after you have entered the details, just change the number of Masses you want to arrange, and your last entry will be duplicated accordingly. You can then change the details of the newly duplicated Masses.

4. Add to cart
Once you have added the details of the members click the ‘Add to cart’ button. Currency shown on the cart will be the checkout currency (AUD).

5. Confirm order and proceed to payment
After your Masses are added to the cart, you will see a ‘View cart’ button appear in the left side column and from there you will proceed to the summary and payment pages. Mass stipends can be paid for with Visa, Mastercard or via Paypal.

You can arrange as many number of masses for FOSS members in this single form below.

Fields marked with an * are required